Dec. 4, 5, and 6

December 4:  Locations for Freshmen enrollment.  Project this and send students to these locations immediately as they arrive to class.

Casel (Last Names A-F)--Room 815
Wiederholt (Last Names G-K)--Little Theater
Junco (Last Names L-R)--Little Theater
McCallum (Last Names S-Z)--Back of the Cafeteria

Dec. 5:  LINK Lesson and plan celebration

Dec. 6:  End-of-semester Celebration

Nov. 27--Revised Advisory Schedule

November 27:  Revised Advisory Schedule

FYI--We have several advisory days between now and mid-December.  

Below is a quick guide:

Nov. 29:  ACT Plan Results
Nov. 30:  Revised:  Liberty Hour NO advisory
Dec. 4:  Enrollment conversation
Dec. 5: LINK Lesson, then plan Celebration
Dec. 6:  End-of-semester Celebration 
Dec. 13:  No Advisory
Dec. 20:  FInal Exam Schedule

P.S.  Remember--you can wear your advisory tee shirt and jeans every advisory day.

Advisory--October 18

October 18, 2017

NCC Survey

If students did not complete the short NCC survey, please do so today (5 minutes--1:15-1:20)

Advisory Choice

Then Advisory Choice from grid below:
  • Choose 1 box below for today's Advisory lesson
    • Consider a quick poll to ask students which of the choices they prefer

(Print card for number of students in your class)
(6 min video)

Part II: Grit Quiz
(Learn How Gritty You Are)

Part III:
  • On whiteboard, brainstorm characteristics of a person that has grit.
  • Self-reflect and share...which traits you are great at and which traits you would like to improve?

(Let your class choose based on their energy level today)

(Small group explore video/articles & Share out)

Part I: Diversity
(Maya Angelou Human Family 2m)

Part II: What’s Your FRAME? (Students need paper - without writing their names, create a word cloud/list of all traits that make up their FRAMEs - project link above to give students ideas - do not collect)

Part III: Discuss the following in small groups...As we attend school everyday with other classmates, how can we use the FRAME acronym to check how we view others. Class discuss.
(4m video)

Part II: As a class, answer question in the section titled “Think”

Part III: Individually answer the “Discuss” question on a half sheet of paper. Whole group share aloud.

(Print card for number of students in your class)

(Small group explore video/articles & Share out)

Oct. 11--Gallup and NCC Survey

1.  Show attached slide:
2.  Students will complete Gallup survey (15 minutes--1:00-1:15)

3.  Students will then complete short NCC survey (5 minutes--1:15-1:20)

  • Have students go to link below for NCC--Northland Career Center
  • On the left red column--site shortcuts--student need click the link:  "8th, 9th, 10th grade interest survey"
  • Complete this survey
4. As students finish surveys, talk to each student about grades and upcoming conferences

Grade Conversations will include students answering these 3 questions:

What do you need to do before P/T conferences? 
What do you need to work on?
What are your celebrations? 

Oct. 4--NO Advisory today

Since there are multiple calendars out there with conflicting info about the advisory schedule, there is NO advisory this week.  On Friday, follow the assembly bell schedule, take advisory attendance, and escort your advisory to the assembly.  Thank you.

Sept. 20--Link Lesson

Picture Day!  Organize your freshmen group PLUS Link Leaders for a picture.  Link Leaders will also lead a lesson.  If they all else fails, choose an activity from the Advisory Choice Tab on our Blogspot.