February 14 and 21

February 14: Thankful Hearts and Power School Course Verification

1. It is time to check your 2018-2019 course requests in PowerSchool!

How to review your requests in PowerSchool
Log into PowerSchool.
Click on CLASS REGISTRATION to view requests.
For class options refer to the 2018-2019 Course List and Description located on the Counseling web page. (https://www.lps53.org/Page/6424)

Click HERE to confirm or make changes to your course requests. 
This must be completed by 3pm Thursday, February 22nd.

2. Each student will write 2 thank you notes to teachers on provided note card
    • Be sure to include teacher's first and last name.
    • Also make sure student includes his/her first and last name.
    • Give students a sucker either during or after they complete TWO thank you notes

    • Logistics:
  • February 21
    • LINK Lesson

Jan. 17: Goal Setting


Follow the lesson below for goal setting and keeping up their motivation this semester.

  • Teacher Lesson Plan:

  • Have students get out a sheet of paper or Give each student a sheet of paper titled 3 Key Things (copy of above link)Lesson Objective: Bring awareness to the importance surrounding goal setting, understand the preparation required to meet goals and why we should strive to be our best self everyday.
  • Guidelines for completing the “3 Key Things”
    • Something to look forward to: This is to motivate students to work for the end goal of whatever is is they’re trying to accomplish. Hopefully when they have their something to look forward to, that will inspire them to push through any tribulations in their path. This could be a goal they look forward to accomplishing, a time in their life they look forward to, or even small things such as looking forward to a break from school.
    • Someone to look up to: This will serve as a motivator to not only strive to do our best for ourselves, but for others too. The more reason we have to accomplish something, the more likely it is to get done. Students could look up to a religious figure, a coach, a parent or mentor.
    • Something to chase: When we have something to chase, there’s always a reason to keep pushing ourselves to go further. Encourage students to make this a long term objective of theirs, as it will be more effective if they always have what they’re chasing in mind as a motivator to continually strive to be all that they can be. For example, they could be chasing their best self, meaning they will chase that and try to become better each day.
  • After this is filled out, collect the sheets from everybody and hold onto it until one of the last advisories of second semester. These sheets will be handed back to students in the spring so as they complete the year and move onto the next, they will be able to reflect upon what they listed and find ways to improve on it.

Show video (18 min) about success tips from Will Smith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UptTQxfj9XI

Jan 10: Admin Talks

Admin Chats to our Freshmen

Hello! Administrators are presenting chats to our our Freshmen on Wednesday, Jan. 10.
Topics: LH, UNV and the goodness of LHS

We are dividing up by caseload. The Fieldhouse is not available due to Sophomore class meeting with Jostens.

Student Last Name Starts with A-G: Report to the back of the Cafeteria
Student Last Name Starts with H-R: Report to Cokely
Student Last Name Starts with S-Z: Report to Little Theater

Jan. 8 and 9

Jan. 9:  Finish enrollment Process.  Collect Pink Enrollment Sheet from every student.  Return enrollment sheets to Mrs. Magnuson/Allshouse.

Jan. 8:  Show screencast--link provided here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YrX3rxuZrLHxypQq2bqzPXUv_YsZWL2-/view

  • Here is the enrollment screencast that will be shown in all 9-11th grade advisory classes on January 8th!  
  • Students have until January 9th to input all of their classes that they chose on their registration form into PowerSchool.
  • After advisory on January 9th, all advisory teachers should bring these registration forms to Mrs. Magnuson or Mrs. Allshouse and they will check that teacher's name off the list indicating we received the forms. 
  • During these days, counselors will be in the commons to answer questions and if there is any trouble inputting classes/if the teacher is having technical difficulties, please call x7046 or x7061. 

Jan. 9:  Students need to finish entering courses in power school.  Advisory teachers will collect enrollment sheets and will return to guidance.

Jan 4--TIme Management

Share and discuss this Google Slide Presentation:

Happy New Year! Jan. 3-10 Advisory Lessons

Jan. 3:  Advisory Welcome Back
Jan. 4:  Time Management--lesson TBA
Jan. 5:  LINK Leader Lesson

Jan. 8:  Enrollment Screen Cast 
Jan. 9:  Enter classes in Power School

Jan. 10:  Admin Talks, Location as follows:

Last Name Starts with E-K: Report to the back of the Cafeteria-S. Wickham
Last Name Starts with L-R: Report to Little Theater, B. Herrman
Last Name Starts with A-D and S-Z: Report to Cokely, E. Tate and D. McDorman

Dec. 4, 5, and 6

December 4:  Locations for Freshmen enrollment.  Project this and send students to these locations immediately as they arrive to class.

Casel (Last Names A-F)--Room 815
Wiederholt (Last Names G-K)--Little Theater
Junco (Last Names L-R)--Little Theater
McCallum (Last Names S-Z)--Back of the Cafeteria

Dec. 5:  LINK Lesson and plan celebration

Dec. 6:  End-of-semester Celebration